10 Ways Animals Are More Similar to Humans Than You Realize

Living in a world that’s so detached from nature, we often forget just how connected to it we really are. Many people living in huge cities around the world have never left their urban environments, and as a result, the natural world seems to them as foreign a concept as outer space is for most of us – we know it’s out there, but we tend to think about it more like something out of the realm of sci-fi. Nevertheless, nature is a part of us whether we feel the connection or not, and the many animals that inhabit this world right alongside us are nothing more than our evolutionary cousins – we’re all part of the same big ‘happy’ family. And like with every family, there are some traits that many of us share. It’s time for a long overdue ‘family reunion’ and see just how ‘related and alike’ we all really are.

10. The Ape Connection

Okay, let’s start off this list by getting the obvious out of the way. As most of us know, apes are our closest relatives in the entire animal kingdom. Apes are a branch of tailless anthropoid primates found in Africa and South East Asia. They can further be divided into the so-called great apes such as the orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzee, bonobos, and humans – and the lesser apes like siamangs and gibbons. Our closest cousins here are the chimpanzee, with which we share somewhere between 98.6 and 99 percent of our DNA. Now, if you think this is too much of a similarity, please remember that we also share around 60% of our genes with bananas and chickens – so, yeah. Next on the list are bonobos, which share a 99.6% similarity with chimps, making them, in turn, our second closest relatives.

When it comes to gorillas, we’re almost 98% identical, and are, in fact, more closely related with them than they are with chimps. Estimates indicate that our common ancestor lived some 10 million years ago, at which point humans and gorillas went on their separate ways. DNA analysis has also shown that some genes connected to heart disease and dementia are found in both humans and gorillas, but we are the only ones affected by them. A little further down the line and we have the orangutan with a 97% genetic similarity.

9. The Emotional Bonobos

Now, this list wouldn’t be any fun if all we talked about was percentages, so let’s instead talk about some relatable similarities between humans and other animals. Did you know that, for instance, bonobos regulate their emotions in the same way as humans do? In fact, bonobos are considered to be the most emotional of the great apes – with the exception of humans. A study published in 2013 has revealed that the framework on which we humans build our own social and emotional lives as children is also used by bonobos. Researchers observed that certain bonobos, which quickly got over their own personal upheaval – like losing a fight, for instance – are also the ones to show the most empathy. Those same bonobos are the ones that are first to comfort others in distress either by kissing, embracing, or touching them.

The science team said that “if the way bonobos handle their own emotions predicts how they react to those of others, this hints at emotion regulation, such as the ability to temper strong emotions and avoid over-arousal. In children, emotion regulation is crucial for healthy social development. Socially competent children keep the ups and downs of their emotions within bounds. A stable parent-child bond is essential for this, which is why human orphans typically have trouble managing their emotions.” The team also mentioned the fact that this emotion-regulation evolutionary trait was originally possessed by our common ancestor that lived roughly 6 million years ago, before the two species broke apart. “By measuring the expression of distress and arousal in great apes, and how they cope, we were able to confirm that efficient emotion regulation is an essential part of empathy. Empathy allows great apes and humans to absorb the distress of others without getting overly distressed themselves,” they went on to say.

8. Gibbon Communication Skills

Complex communication is something that sets us apart from all the other animals on Earth. But that difference in complexity is not as wide as we initially believed. As a matter of fact, another group of researchers has identified 26 sounds made by white-handed gibbons that can almost be described as words. These are the type of sounds that the first humans might have used to communicate with each other more than 1.8 million years ago, according to the research team. During their analysis of the gibbons, the scientists have come to realize that some of the sounds serve as a warning against certain types of predators, as well as to give additional information, such as whether the predator is moving or stationary, or how far away it is.

Particular sounds, on the other hand, are used to educate younger gibbons, as well as other members of the group. In a more intimate setting, these gibbons were also observed while conveying their message in a softer tone than usual. In one instance, a father gibbon was observed quietly disciplining his daughter during play. The research team believes that he was trying to moderate his daughter’s aggression – similar to how human parents talk to their rebellious toddlers.

7. Japanese Tits and the ABC-D call

While on the topic of complex speech, Toshitaka Suzuki and his team of scientists have long studied Japanese tits. Minds out of the gutter, folks. The Japanese tit is a species of bird – yes, a bird – closely related to the North American Chickadee, and which has been observed while using compositional syntax in its communication with others of its kind. Up until this particular study came out in 2016, no animal species was known to have this ability, other than humans. A compositional syntax refers to a string of words or phrases that, when put together, create a compound message that contains a reflection of what those parts individually mean. If, for instance, we were to take the phrases “Be careful, it’s dangerous” and “Come toward me” individually, each has its own separate meaning. But if we were to combine them and form something like “Come toward me, but be careful, it’s dangerous,” the phrase takes on a new meaning while still reflecting on the original messages. This is a compositional syntax, and something previously believed to be unique to humans.

But Suzuki has been closely studying tits for over a decade now, and realized that not only do they create such complex speech patterns regularly, but that the order in which those sounds are presented is equally as important. In nature, these birds usually warn each other to look out for potential predators. The research team has named this song as the “ABC” call. This sound is usually followed by another, which the scientists named the “D” call, and which is used by these birds to invite each other to their location. When the ABC-D call is heard, Japanese tits perform both actions. But if that song is reversed and plays like D-ABC, then the birds don’t react as strongly, or as consistently. Researchers speculate that this particular order was chosen naturally over time, since the predator warning part (ABC) is more important than the invitation (D), and the birds that didn’t originally use it were more likely to be eaten or die alone. The research team also speculated that other tit species from around the world use compositional syntax, but the actual rules and order of sounds may be different – a distinct tit language, if you will.   

6. Cows Have Regional Accents

Many of us have wondered whether animals speak in different languages, depending on what country they’re from. This would seem highly unlikely, but distance and isolation between groups does play a part in how animal species communicate with each other. This was thoroughly analyzed after some dairy farmers in England noticed that cows had slightly different moos, depending on which herd they originally came from. John Wells, professor of phonetics at the University of London, believes that peer pressure is the main reason behind these regional accents. “When we are learning to speak, we adopt a local variety of language spoken by our parents, so the same could be said about the variation in the West Country cow moo,” said Dr Jeanine Treffers-Daller, professor in linguistics at the University of the West of England.

Or as Shane Gero, assistant professor at the Aarhus University in Denmark puts it, “Behavior is what you do. Culture is how you do it.” For over six years, he’s been studying sperm whales in the Caribbean, and noticed that they use a series of clicks, known as ‘codas’, that are unique only to them and not to other sperm whales around the world. Regional accents and dialects have also been observed in Campbell’s monkeys, rock hyraxes, and many bird species.

5. Your Dog is a Master Manipulator

We all have that friend, or at the very least, know of a friend of a friend who craves so much attention from everyone that they’ll do and say almost anything to get it. Well, as it turns out, man’s best friend does this too – to a certain extent, of course. In a scientific paper published in 2017, psychologists have concluded that dogs do certain facial expressions in order to get sympathy and attention from their human companions. These particular facial expressions were shown to not be influenced by the presence of food, or any other stimuli, and are not something that dogs do to interact with each other. In other words, dogs make these ‘faces’ only in the presence of humans, and with the sole purpose of getting their attention.

Believed to be a trait that dogs picked up during their long period of domestication, the “puppy dog eyes” and “tongue out” looks are prime examples of human-canine communication. A relaxed and open mouth with the tongue showing is a means for your dog to tell you that he’s paying attention. The true meaning behind the “puppy eyes” look, on the other hand, is harder to identify. Scientists speculate that this facial pose triggers the sense of empathy in humans, who think their dog is sad for some reason. Or it could be that it makes their eyes look bigger – and people are generally more attracted to big eyes. Humans also innately respond to certain ostensive facial movements, such as a raised eyebrow, and ‘puppy dog eyes’ cause that reaction in us. Now, whether dogs have a deeper understanding of the human mental state when they make these faces or they’re simply gestures hard-wired into their behavior is something almost impossible to ascertain. But one thing is certain, though – “puppy eyes” work; your dog knows it, and he’s not ashamed to use it to get your love and attention.

4. Some Dolphins Get High Regularly

It might come as a surprise to many, but humans aren’t the only creatures on this Earth to deliberately abuse certain substances. Some dolphins were observed in the wild while passing a Pufferfish between them for up to 30 minutes at a time. These Pufferfish release a potent defensive chemical when threatened. In small enough does, this toxin can have trance-inducing qualities and some dolphins know it. But unlike treating the Pufferfish like ordinary prey, the dolphins carefully and deliberately handle it in such a way that’s indicative of the fact that they know what they’re doing, and it’s not the first time they’re doing it.

Dolphins aren’t the only animals to abuse certain substances, either. It’s a well-known fact that horses sometimes eat certain hallucinogenic weeds, bighorn sheep indulge on narcotic lichen, elephants get drunk on overripe fruit, reindeer occasionally try magic mushrooms, and even bees get drunk now and then. Capuchin monkeys from South America, as well as lemurs from Madagascar, were also seen sometimes gathering in large numbers and passing certain toxic insects around – similar to the dolphins. Monkeys in general have been observed to have a special preference for sugar-rich and ethanol-containing fruit, leading some scientists to speculate that this is the genetic origin of our own preference for alcohol.

3. Sheep Are Often Gay

Contrary to popular belief, many species within the animal kingdom exhibit some sort of homosexual behavior. The most openly gay seem to be Japanese macaques. In some populations, girl on girl action is not only common, but appears to be the norm. What’s more, these encounters seem to be quite intimate. During one such sexual act, macaques regularly look into each other’s eyes – something which they rarely do in other circumstances. Two female macaques can pair up for periods of up to a week, during which time they have sex hundreds of times, but also stay close together, sleeping and grooming one another, and defending themselves from potential rivals. Researchers have also noticed that female macaques use a greater number of sexual positions than males do.

Bonobos are another species of primate that is sometimes described as “over-sexed.” They engage in this particular activity so much that several biologists have started naming the act itself as the “bonobo handshake.” And these bonobos seem to not really care if it’s males or females they’re doing it with. Laysan albatrosses, on the other hand, mate for life – but there are many cases of two females pairing up. Even fruit flies and other insects are known to mate with members of the same sex on occasion.

But the fact of the matter is that none of these animals are strictly gay, and can be better described as bisexual. From an evolutionary and behavioral standpoint, most of these cases can be explained in one way or another. Nevertheless, there is a species out there, besides humans, that has been observed to exhibit a same-sex preference for life, regardless of whether there are potential partners of the opposite sex around, or not: the domestic sheep. In an average flock, roughly 8% of all males prefer other males. In a study performed back in 1994, scientists came to realize that these males had slightly different brains than others – in that their hypothalamus was slightly smaller than in straight males. The hypothalamus is in charge of sex hormones, and it’s a mutation that was also observed in gay men.

Some argue that, if this is the case, the gene that is making the hypothalamus smaller should have already died out since the males who have it don’t actually reproduce. But other researchers have suggested that this particular gene that makes some males gay might also make females who carry it more fertile or sexually active. In other words, gay rams may have sisters with the same gene that end up having more lambs overall – thus balancing him out and keeping that particular gene alive.

2. Religious Chimps

Some biologists studying chimpanzees in West Africa have filmed several of them flinging stones against particular trees, or piling rocks inside certain tree hollows. This behavior seems to serve no practical purpose, making some scientists see a similarity between these chimp-made rock piles and stone cairns made by humans throughout early history. “This represents the first record of repeated observations of individual chimpanzees exhibiting stone tool use for a purpose other than extractive foraging at what appear to be targeted trees,” the researchers said in their paper. “The ritualized behavioral display and collection of artifacts at particular locations observed in chimpanzee accumulative stone throwing may have implications for the inferences that can be drawn from archaeological stone assemblages and the origins of ritual sites.”

While some scientists believe that this may be a primitive form of ritual behavior, others think that there might be something else at play. They say that these chimps throw rocks against trees as a means of making their presence known over long distances. The rock piles, on the other hand, serve as landmarks to help them get around. “Marking pathways and territories with signposts such as piles of rocks is an important step in human history,” said one of the researchers. “Figuring out where chimps’ territories are in relation to rock throwing sites could give us insights into whether this is the case here.” Whatever the case may be, everyone agrees that further study is needed before making an official statement on the matter. Interestingly enough, other chimps have also been observed while performing some sort of “ritualized” dance during heavy rainfalls, in front of waterfalls, or moving in slow motion in front of bush fires. All of these seem to imply that chimps have a deeper understanding of extraordinary natural phenomena and that they might be paying some sort of ‘respect’ towards them.   

1. Stone Age Primates

We tend to think of the Stone Age, or any other such ‘age’, as something strictly human. This particular period in our evolution lasted for more than 3.4 million years and ended with the advent of metalworking sometime between 8700 and 2000 BC, depending on the region. Some people, like the isolated North Sentinel Islanders, are still living in the Stone Age. In any case, many animal species such as mammals, birds, fish, and even insects use various objects from their environment as tools to help them acquire food. Gorillas, orangutans, and even crows have been seen using twigs or sticks to get food, but almost never stone tools. What’s more, this behavior seems to be limited to only one individual, and is never passed down through the generations, or used in a different setting. Only three animal species have been observed to use stone tools: some chimps in West Africa, bearded capuchins in Brazil, and the long-tailed macaques in Thailand.

Archeological evidence points to the fact that some of the chimps living in West Africa entered their respective Stone Age at least as early as 4,300 years ago. A similar archeological investigation in Brazil’s Serra da Capivara National Park has shown that the capuchins living there have been in the Stone Age since the 13th century. Thailand’s macaques are the last to join the ‘Stone Age club’, with evidence showing them using stone tools over the past 65 years. What’s particularly interesting about these macaques is that they were able to transfer this knowledge from one environment to another. They first learned to use stones to crack open shells while on the beach. Over the past 13 years, however, oil palms have been introduced to Thailand. Though they never saw these trees before, the macaques were able to transfer their knowledge from the beach and into the palm oil plantations, where they regularly open nuts with stones. What’s particularly fascinating here is that it only took them 13 years to do so. It’s thus, sufficed to say, that these discoveries have laid the basis for an entirely new field of science known as primate archaeology.

Top 10 Things to Know About Surviving a Nuclear Attack

With all of the hostility around the world today, it’s understable if you may be at least a little bit worried about becoming a victim of a nuclear attack. While we truly hope that you’ll never have to use this advice, it’s still important to be prepared for any possibility. Here are 10 survival tips on what you can do before, during, and after a nuclear attack.

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Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter

It is always important to stay happy and healthy in life but it always not possible. Happiness is the most valuable thing for which every person in the world craves for. The world wants peace and happiness. We often laugh to forget all worries and stress in our life. Laughter is the best medicine is said by someone but it is absolutely a real concept in today’s fast life.

We should laugh for few moments each day to keep ourselves happy and being happy is the only key to success and prosperity in life. Laughter can remove many negative factors from our body giving us a soothing feel to mind as well as body. If you laugh every day, you certainly don’t know the Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter.

10 Keep yourself happy

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter
Keep yourself happy — Photo via EnkiRelations.com

Laughter leads to happiness. You can experiment it by yourself daily. Laugh aloud for some minutes in the morning and you will feel some kind of amazing energy is entering in your body which makes you happy. Laughter will refresh your mind from routine work and boredom.

You will get a relaxed feeling after laughing and for some moments, it feels like heaven and so you must laugh every day by watching some of the best comedy movies or funny TV series and experience a feeling of happiness. When you are happy from inside, it automatically reflects in your work.

9 Makes less pain

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter
Less pain — Photo via managedcaremag.com

Man gets pain even from the small things in life. There are numerous issues in our life due to which we get pain and sadness. It may be a broken relationship or a death of a close one. The pain in a man’s life multiplies and he does every possible task to reduce it. Laughter is one of the best remedies to decrease the pain in the life.

It has also been proven in various studies by different universities of the globe that laughter helps in a better way to make less the pain and one can have a sigh of relief after laughter.

8 Regulates blood supply in the body

A proper circulation of blood is very important in the body. Laughter causes endothelium which further improves the blood flow. If there is an appropriate level of endothelium in the body, the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases are less.

So, if you want to avoid the chances of getting a heart attack in the later age, you should spend some time in laughing. A regular blood circulation will remove all the toxins from the body and helps it to fight against many diseases.

7 Good Immune System

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter
Good Immune — Photo via uwanutrition.com

Do you get a cough and cold regularly? Then laugh daily for some minutes. Laughter builds a strong immune system and it is proven by many medical practitioners. It increases the number of T-cells in the blood thereby resulting in powerful immune.

When you laugh, the anti-infection antibodies increase in the body which protects the body from a cough, cold, fever, and various other infections. You can never get ill if you laugh daily as it will keep you healthy and fit always.

6 Low BP

The level of blood pressure can increase whenever you are tensed or sad. A hormone named cortisol increases the level of BP in the body which can further invite numerous health problems such as heart attacks and brain strokes. Laughter can lower the level of BP due to which your heart beats at a normal rate and you will actually feel very pleasant.

It also helps in building your heart stronger and healthier. Whenever you feel depressed or tensed about some important work then spend some minutes in laughing and you can avoid the heart attacks, brain strokes, and various kidney problems.

5 Treats Diabetes

Diabetic patients can gain much from laughter. As per some studies, if you laugh daily, the sugar levels get reduced which helps to control diabetes. The laughter has some good effect on a neuroendocrine system which decreases the glucose levels in the body which treat diabetes. Laughter utilizes the energy of stomach muscles which controls the sugar levels in the body. It is a better option to treat diabetes with laughter than pills and injections.

4 Be Young

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter
Be Young — Photo via theodysseyonline.com

If you laugh daily, you will remain younger for many years. The various facial muscles work when you laugh and this result in an increase in the blood flow which will give a glow to your face and make sit more beautiful.

And, more than this, if you laugh loud then it will keep you healthy forever. Laughter will control the aging and gives you a young look for many years. It also helps in improving mental and physical health which is very necessary for the fit body.

3 Good memory

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter
Good memory — Photo via alzheimersnewstoday.com

If you do not remember important things in daily life then you must laugh daily for some minutes. A less laughter can increase the level of cortisol in the human body which can damage the memory. The people who laugh often remember things in a better way than those who remain serious and do not laugh.

You can improve the power of learning by laughing loudly. Watch comedy shows and funny cartoon series for keeping the memory good for a long period of time.

2 Active

Whenever you laugh, you will get instant energy in the body which gives a fresh feeling on the mind. The memory will become sharper then before if you start laughing for few minutes every day. Activeness will ease your life and you will gain more interest even in the routine and boring work.

1 Reduction in stress

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter
Reduction in stress — Photo via weightloss7.net

The stress hormones decrease with laughter and you will feel happy and relieved after laughing for few minutes. It will give you a positive feel and also decrease anxiety and depression both. Whenever you feel anxious or tensed, just laugh a little and see the change in your mood.

Laughter costs nothing but gives you innumerable benefits of health. So, laugh and let the whole world laugh with you which ultimately spreads happiness.

Top 10 Benefits Of Laughter

1. Reduction in stress

2. Active

3. Good memory

4. Be Young

5. Treats Diabetes

6. Low BP

7. Good Immune System

8. Regulates blood supply in the body

9. Makes less pain

10. Keep yourself happy

10 Fantastic Beasts of English Myth and Legend

Once upon a time the creatures on this list were more or less common knowledge. Throughout the British Isles, they (or their variants) were feared or revered by adults and children alike. And while some on this list aren’t exclusive to England, they’re all squarely enshrined in its folklore. Here are 10 you might not have heard of…

10. Habetrot

Dwelling underground in the North of England, Habetrot was a goddess of spinning. Such a prodigious spinner was she, in fact, that her lips were disfigured in the processthickened and lengthened by her constantly licking her fingers while drawing the thread from the distaff (or spindle). In one old folk story, she came to the aid of a lazy young spinster who, not being able to spin for herself, was unlikely to find a good husband. With Habetrot spinning for her, on the other hand, not only could she marry a laird (or lord), she also retained her good looks.

Despite her witchy nature, living in a cave with her similarly hideous sisters, Habetrot was known for this kind of generosity. Anyone afflicted with grave-merels, for instance (a scabrous disease caught by treading on the graves of young children), could rely on old Habetrot, “Queen of the Spinsters,” for help. Because the only remedy, apparently, was to wear a sark (a skimpy women’s undergarment) spun by Habetrot herself from lint grown in 40-year-old manure.   

9. Pig-faced Women

In 1814 rumors began to emerge of a pig-faced lady living in Manchester Square, London. Despite her noble birth, she was said to be hideously ugly, cursed with the snout of a pig and forced to go about in a veil. Few saw her up close, people said, because she always used her own carriage; but there were plenty of artist’s impressions. One artist, John Fairburn, even made a pamphlet about the poor woman.

Following Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, she was apparently seen for the last time ever. Seated in her carriage, her snout visible in an otherwise elegant bonnet, the pig-faced lady was watching the Piccadilly celebrations. But when an excited crowd began to converge on her carriage, her coachman promptly sped it away.

Tales like this were common throughout Europe, just as they had been in England from at least the 17th century on. They were so popular, in fact, that alleged specimens (really clean-shaven, drunken bears in dresses and wigs) were shamelessly exhibited at fairgrounds.

In one early tale, a young pig-faced Dutch woman named Tannakin Skinker, gave her new English husband a choice: either she could appear “young, faire, and lovely” to him but like a pig to all of his friends, or pretty to all of his friends and like a pig to him in his bed. Unable to make a decision, he left it up to her and thereby broke the curse entirely, having given his wife “that which all women most desire, [her]Will, and Sovereignty.”

8. Blue Caps

Blue caps—a special kind of house elf or “brownie”—were tiddly little creatures and really more Scottish than English, but nevertheless common at the border. They were said to appear as glowing blue lights in the mines of the North, where they worked alongside human putters, or miners who filled baskets with coal.

They were thought to be so good at their jobs, in fact—apparently doing the work of a dozen men—that it was traditional to leave them a wage. And payments were generally well received, providing they were never more or less than the standard wage of the humans. If blue caps were paid more, they were said to go on strike in solidarity with their coworkers; and if they were paid less, they simply left the mines in droves.

It’s easy to imagine knackered, overworked miners seeing things down in the mines, which could explain the appearance of blue caps. But how these flickering phantom flames appeared to shift so much coal, as if “impelled by the sturdiest sinews,” is anyone’s guess.

7. The Eachy

Everyone’s heard of the Loch Ness Monster but few have heard of the Eachy. Contrary to popular belief, it seems England has a lake monster too—possibly more than one, in fact— between Bassenthwaite and Windermere in the Lake District.

Unlike Nessie, however, the Eachy is said to be humanoid in appearance, something like Gill-man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but with a long and serpentine tail. Others say it’s pretty much all tail (13 feet of it) with three humps and the menacing head of a python.

Whatever it looks like, nobody’s seen one for real—although photographs allegedly surfaced in 1973. Earlier, in 1961, four atomic scientists actually went looking for the creature, snorkeling for an hour and a half in Bassenthwaite Lake. All they managed to find, however, were “an eel, half a dozen golf balls and a fishing rod.” Then again, it had been almost 90 years since the Eachy was first reported back in 1873.

6. Lubber Fiends

Not all weird and wonderful creatures dwell in the wild, whether underground or at the bottom of lakes. As “guardians of the household,” lubber fiends lived in the home.

Still, few ever managed to see them, emerging as they did from the nooks and crannies at night to carry out various chores: sweeping and cleaning, for instance, and especially caring for livestock. And it was customary—in fact mandatory—to leave a little dish of cream out as thanks, since those who didn’t found themselves subject to sabotage. As the poet Madison Cawein described it, a lubber fiend so mistreated “sweeps ashes in your face and …. bumps you shrieking on the floor; and at night he rides a mare round your bed and everywhere.”

Treating them too well, on the other hand, could mean they neglected their “duties.” Hence a sure way to get rid of a lubber fiend was to leave out a set of new clothes. After changing out of their rags and into relative finery, they were said to think of drudgery as beneath them and leave.

5. Church Grims

In the Middle Ages, animals were not only held responsible for certain crimes but actually tried for them in court. Hence, dead sows hanging from trees were a common sight throughout medieval Europe—often having been sentenced to death for “murdering” small children.

And animals were even held accountable for bestiality. In Sweden, assuming they weren’t let off on the grounds of otherwise “good character,” their punishment was to get buried alive with the rapist.

The legend of the English church grim (kyrkogrim in Swedish) appears to have similar roots. Animals or criminals were frequently buried alive under the cornerstones of new churches, apparently to consecrate the building to God. And from then on, they’d serve as guardian spirits of a sort, warding off witches and warlocks.     

With their diminutive statures (less than two feet) and their dark, misshapen bodies, church grims in Yorkshire were somewhat mischievous as well, known for ringing church bells loudly at midnight.    

4. Spriggans

Spriggans hail from the folklore of Cornwall, but nowadays they’re as widespread as elves—appearing in a variety of tabletop and video games, anime, and manga. Thought to be related to the trolls of Sweden and Denmark or, as some would have it, to “the Jews who crucified Jesus,” they’re described in The English Dialect Dictionary (1905) as a “mischievous and thievish tribe.”

Everything was blamed on the spriggans, from burglary and kidnappings to buildings falling down, but they were generally confined to the wild. As the guardians of buried treasure, they were said to haunt cairns (burial mounds), cromlechs (tombs), ruins, burrows, and barrows.

And much like the Cornish piskies (or pixies, of which spriggans are the evil counterparts), they’re generally thought to be small—although as “the ghosts of giants” they could sometimes make themselves huge.

They were also pretty ugly, with old, wizened faces and oversized children’s heads given to grinning and spitting maliciously. Worryingly for new parents, if a spriggan kidnapped a baby, it left its own ugly changeling in its place—a habit contrary to that of the piskies, who cared for and returned any human child that came their way.

3. Sooterkin

In his bizarre and condescending medical textbook The Female Physician (1724), the medic John Maubray related an unusual professional experience. Aboard a ferry between Harlingen and Amsterdam, he wrote, he saw a young woman give birth to a sooterkin—a mole-like creature with “a hooked snout, fiery sparkling eyes, a long round neck, and an acuminated short tail, of an extraordinary agility of feet.” According to Maubray’s account, the creature responded to the sudden appearance of light with fearful yells and shrieks, “running up and down like a little demon” in search of another hole to hide in.

Given that Maubray also thought it possible for a woman to give birth to rabbits (a known hoax of the time), his account is hardly reliable. But sooterkin were common enough in old wives’ tales, said to crawl inside pregnant women who spent too much time warming their nether regions on stove tops. Leeching nourishment away from the fetus, sooterkin left human infants dead and desiccated at birth while they emerged alive.

The name itself is thought to be an English corruption of the Dutch root suyger (or Middle Dutch zuigen), meaning “to suck,” the term “sooterkin” referring more to the soot of the implicated stove top.    

2. Grindylows

Another species of lake monster, the grindylow, terrorized children in the northern counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Nowadays, they’re apparently much better known for their role in the Harry Potter franchise, and for hiding away in Newt Scamander’s suitcase in the movie Fantastic Beasts. But each of these versions has the same green skin, little horns, and sharp green teeth; the original grindylows differed only by their longer arms and fingers, which they used to grab inquisitive children from the lakeside and haul them into the depths.  

The word “grindylow” may share a derivation with “Grendel,” the fen-dwelling brute from Beowulf, since gryndel was Middle English for “angry” and was also used in relation to lakes and bogs by the Anglo-Saxons.

Some grindylows, or grindylow-like beings, actually have names of their own, such as Peg and Nanny Powler of the River Tees and Skerne. Commonly described as “hags” or “river demons,” these creatures’ flowing green hair also marks them out as pagan deities—although their long, sharp teeth suggest a more menacing agenda. Like other grindylows, Peg Powler was said to prey on young children wandering too close to the water’s edge, particularly on the sabbath. And the foamy scum that gathered on the water’s surface, seemingly from all the grisly goings-on, was rather fiendishly described as “Peg Powler’s cream.”

1. Black Annis

In 1874 the Leicester Chronicle became obsessed with the story of Black Annis, a black-clad hermit reputed to “snatch [children]away to her ’bower’ where she scratched them to death with her claws, sucked their blood, and hung their skins out to dry.” First reported as fact in 1797 by one John Heyrick, a lieutenant of good standing locally, Black Annis had a “fierce and wild” eye, “vast talons, foul with human flesh,” and “livid blue” features. She was also said to wear the skins of her victims around her waist, drawing comparisons to the Hindu goddess Kali.

According to Heyrick, Black Annis’ Bower, a cave with an old oak tree over the entrance, lay in the Dane Hills region of Leicester, surrounded by sweet-smelling, violet flowers. And although nowadays this once densely forested area is built up with houses, Black Annis’ cave is still there—albeit in someone’s backyard.

Tales of the old witch abound: for instance, that daylight would turn her to stone; that she howled and ground her teeth so loudly that people knew she was coming; that she stole lambs as well as naughty children; and that she was slain with an axe at Christmas. It’s hard to believe she was in any way rooted in fact, but various theories exist. The classicist Robert Graves, for instance, thought she may have been Agnes Scott, an anchorite nun who lived in the area during the 1400s. Dressing in her long black habit, she’d probably have fit the bill—although it’s unlikely she preyed on children. Indeed, she was so revered by locals that she was buried at the church in Swithland and given a commemorative brass plaque. Other theories are that Black Annis represented the dark side of the Celtic mother-goddess Anu, or that she may have been a comet and not a being at all: “blue in appearance … with streams or talons of material coming off the fierce and wild cometary eye.”

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today

Every person needs a royal life filled with luxuries, comforts, and richness. But, it is not so easy and requires lots of efforts to live a wealthy lifestyle. What is the actual definition of beauty from your point of view? We feel that it is a beautiful face or a beautiful body. No, it is not as beauty includes much more than only face and sexy body. Royal women are not only gorgeous by face but they are skilled in many other social and political activities.

These women excel in studies and other fields so that they can encourage other women to come forward and participate in social activities. The royal women do not gain the title in a day as it needs many endeavors to reach this level. Let us have a glance at Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today who are role models for all the women in the globe.

10 Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark — Photo via Wikipedia

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark is a stunning and beautiful crown princess and wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. In her school days, she learned to play many musical instruments such as piano and flute. She began her career by working in advertising agencies.

Later, she worked an account director in some of the best advertising agencies. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark is active in many social works. She has received many notable honors and titles for her royalty.

9 Queen Rania of Jordan

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Queen Rania of Jordan — Photo via Youtube

The next on the list is Queen Rania of Jordan. She studies Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. She is skilled in advocacy work in various sectors like education, health, empowerment and much more. She is the Chairperson of Jordon’s first interactive children’s museum.

She has given many speeches on education and betterment of the society. She has also established Jordan River Foundation. She has been honored with many titles in her career such as UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children.

8 Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg — Photo via royalcentral.co.uk

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is a stunning and beautiful royal woman. She graduated in the field of philosophy. She has worked as a journalist in the Middle East. Her interests include politics, religion, ethics and much more.

She is fifth in the line of succession of Grand Duke Henri’s royal family. She has also visited with her father at many places. Princess Alexandra has received many titles and honors.

7 Charlotte Casiraghi

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Charlotte Casiraghi — Photo via gala.fr

Charlotte Casiraghi is a young and gorgeous daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover and Stefano Casiraghi. She is 9th in the line of succession to the throne of Monaco in her royal family.

She has studies the courses of hypokhagne and khagne at the Lycee Fenelon in Paris. Charlotte Casiraghi studied further in Philosophy. She has served as the honorary president of the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo. She is also the founder of Swoon Productions.

6 Princess Charlene of Monaco

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Charlene of Monaco — Photo via thedailybeast.com

One of the most beautiful royal women in the world, Princess Charlene of Monaco is the wife of Prince Albert II. She was a swimmer earlier in Olympics Games. She announced her retirement from the sport in the year 2007.

She is the winner of gold medals and silver medals of 1999 All-Africa Games held in Johannesburg. Princess Charlene of Monaco was the global ambassador for Special Olympics and she promoted many disabled people in the games. She married Prince Albert II on 1st July 2011.

5 Princess Victoria of Sweden

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Victoria of Sweden — Photo via justjared.com

The next on the list is beautiful and smart, Princess Victoria of Sweden. She is the daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf. She studied various subjects from the year 1998 to 2000 at New Haven, Connecticut. Later, she worked as an intern at Swedish Embassy and studied further at the Government Offices. Princess Victoria of Sweden did graduation in Bachelor of Arts.

4 Princess Ameerah Al Taweel of Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Ameerah Al Taweel of Saudi Arabia — Photo via short-biography.com

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel is the princess of Saudi Arabia. She is the Vice Chairperson of Al-Waleed bin Talal Foundation. She graduated in the Business Administration from the University of New Haven.

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel is involved in many social works in Saudi Arabia and also many other nations of the world. She implements many development projects and conducts field service trips. She has traveled to more than 71 countries for various social causes and to support victims. She has been honored with Woman Personality of the Year Award.

3 Princess Letizia of Asturias

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Letizia of Asturias — Photo via royalcorrespondent.com

The next on the list is a gorgeous looking royal woman, Princess Letizia of Asturias. She is the wife of King Felipe VI. She worked earlier as a news anchor and journalist. She belongs to Rocasolano family.

She studies journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid and further did masters in audiovisual journalism. She has worked for many daily newspapers such as La Nueva Espana and ABC. Princess Letizia has traveled to many countries with her husband. She has also got many Spanish honors and titles.

2 Princess Kate Middleton

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Kate Middleton — Photo via popsugar.com

Princess Kate Middleton is a charming royal woman and member of British royal family. She is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. She studied history in Scotland and later she worked at Party Pieces and joined the family business. Both the Duke and Duchess set up a gift fund for charity work. She is also a volunteer leader with the Scout Association.

She is regarded as one of the style icons because of her elegant dresses. Princess Kate Middleton received the title of “Most Promising Newcomer” from The Daily Telegraph.

1 Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today
Princess Madeleine of Sweden — Photo via royalcorrespondent.com

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is on number 1 of the list of beautiful royal women. She is the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. She studied art history and took 60 Swedish academic units. She did graduation in art history and modern history.

Further, she also studied child psychology at the University of Stockholm. She is a co-founder of the ThankYou which works for children who are sexually abused.

These princesses have been successful in every field from education to philanthropy. They were born with a silver spoon but the journey to the throne is not easy is proven by them in many instances.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women In The World Today

1. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

2. Princess Kate Middleton

3. Princess Letizia of Asturias

4. Princess Ameera Al Taweel of Saudi Arabia

5. Princess Victoria of Sweden

6. Princess Charlene of Monaco

7. Charlotte Casiraghi

8. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

9. Queen Rania of Jordan

10. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark


10 Consequences You Didn’t Think About in Your Favorite Sci-Fi

Sci-fi movies tend to create some of the most ridiculous worlds and scenarios imaginable, but that’s what we love about them. We get to see things that perhaps have some basis in a potential future someday, and stir our imaginations greatly, but are far beyond our current grasp. Unfortunately, since it is science fiction and most writers are more concerned with telling an interesting story, scientific accuracy and other real world concerns often get thrown entirely out the window. While most of your favorite sci-fi flicks have a happy ending, in reality many of these happy endings would have been anything but.

10. After The Battle Of Endor, The Ewoks Would Likely Have Had Little Time Left

This is something that is actually quite controversial among Star Wars fans, and in order to satisfy them, has had weird explanations written about it in the Expanded Universe in order to stop people from worrying about all the cute little Ewoks dying out. This controversy started with an astrophysicist named Curtis Saxton, who wrote technical stuff for Star Wars and ruined a lot of fans’ days by pointing out where a lot of things were closer to fantasy than sci-fi. He pointed out that there is no sound in space, no fire in the vacuum of space, and also that most of the Ewoks would have perished after the events on Endor in Return of the Jedi due to a horrible death raining down on them from above.

While scientifically this is completely accurate, the Star Wars lore master Pablo Hidalgo, also known as the keeper of the holocron (he must get all the ladies), explained that while scientifically Endor should have gone through a cataclysm, sometimes you can throw out physics when you are making a movie and want a happy ending. In other words, his explanation is “*shrug* Movies!” For those fans who are particularly worried, though, he explained that when the Death Star was destroyed, it lost its hyperdrive regulator, and most of the debris was sucked into a wormhole and spread all over the galaxy — the remaining debris was carefully swept up by Rebellion tractor beams, in order to avoid any harm being caused to their new furry friends.

9. At The End Of The Day After Tomorrow, The Survivors Have Very Little Chance

The Day After Tomorrow is a Roland Emmerich apocalypse film in his usual vein, where pretty much everything is destroyed, and the destruction happens on a truly grand scale. His movies tend to stir the imagination and make us think about what we might be forced to do if a truly large scale disaster were to ever rock the entire globe. However, Emmerich’s movies also tend to be absurdly unrealistic, and that is more true than ever when it comes to The Day After Tomorrow.

In this movie, Dennis Quaid discovers that the Earth is soon going to go through a new Ice Age, and that we may only have a short year or so left — a timeframe that is already pretty unrealistic. To make matters even more insane, it quickly turns out that we actually only have days left. The world soon watches as everything falls apart and the weather systems become so vicious and nonsensical that we start seeing hurricanes form over dry land. However, the most insane part of the movie is the entire ending.

Near the end, despite a cold snap that is so deadly helicopters are freezing in midair, Quaid manages to trek to New York, one of the coldest places in this new environment — when the storm is at its worst — to go rescue his son, who somehow survived. After going through incredibly dangerous weather and somehow making it, he not only finds his son, but a helicopter magically arrives and takes them all the way to Mexico. The most logical conclusion is that the happy ending is the fevered dream of Quaid as he dies in the storm, desperately and foolishly trying to make it to New York primarily on foot.

8. Independence Day: Resurgence, The Earth’s Stability Is Permanently Damaged

Independence Day: Resurgence is a movie that didn’t quite get the kind of attention and hype that the first one managed to garner. Most likely, this was due to Will Smith not being available for (or willing to do) the project. While Smith maintains his reason for not being around was having other projects he wanted to do more, some people believe he deliberately turned it down because he was afraid he would overshadow his co-stars and force most of the budget of the movie to be spent on himself. While this decision may have actually made it easier to make another ensemble movie like the first one, it wasn’t without its major problems.

Near the beginning of the movie, a gigantic alien spaceship that is so large it seems to have its own gravity burns through the Earth’s atmosphere, destroying countless buildings and vegetation, and takes up camp in the ocean. It then starts using a laser to drill down toward the center of our planet, so it can take the core and use it as fuel. The heroes manage to stop them just in time, as they were about to strip off the last bit of Earth between them and the core. In the end, no one even talks about this at all and just acts as if it is resolved, but in the real world it wouldn’t be resolved at all. While it is hard to be sure of the science as no one has ever drilled down that far, it beggars belief that the Earth would not be catastrophically, if not irreparably, damaged if a giant laser managed to penetrate that close to our core.

7. The Humans In Wall-E Are Clearly Not Ready To Return To Earth Or Be Functioning People

In Wall-E, the humans are living on a space station because the Earth is no longer properly inhabitable. Wall-E is trying to bring them a flower to prove the Earth is growing vegetation again and it is time to bring the humans back, but the artificial intelligence of the space station, known as AUTO, is not having it. It does everything it can to hide that Earth has things growing on it again, and tries as hard as it can to stop Wall-E and the humans. However, the truth is AUTO may have been more right than the movie would lead you to believe.

The humans have become incredibly fat, and even in reduced gravity in space, they need scooters to get around. Computers do almost everything for them — they are slothful beyond all imagine. To make matters worse, the Earth is only starting to recover again; it’s not like it’s full of lush vegetation. These humans are going to have an incredible time trying to adjust back to Earth life again after being so fat and lazy for so long. The truth is that they probably would have been better served waiting for the Earth to recover more first, and slowly preparing subsequent generations for the more manual labor lifestyle they would soon need to adjust to.

6. Children Of Men: Humanity Is Probably Still Doomed

Children of Men is a grim sci-fi dystopia where the world is falling apart at the seams, largely due to the fact that children simply aren’t being born anymore. Women would have miscarriages left and right when the crisis began, and soon the sound of children playing on the playground stopped — leaving everyone very worried. The plot follows a man who is trying to bring a pregnant woman to safety; someone who the movie treats as the last, best hope for mankind.

However, the problem is that one woman managing to give birth and being fertile hardly fixes anything. If the vast majority of women are miscarrying like crazy, one woman won’t make a huge difference when it comes to keeping humanity going. Even if she were magically fertile, that means the survivors would likely force her to keep getting pregnant nonstop, in the hopes it would keep humanity going, while asking her to make love with different men to improve genetic diversity. But what if her children aren’t fertile? We are still back at square one, and we are still trying to keep the Earth’s population up with literally only one woman who can carry children. At the end of the movie, the chances for humanity’s survival are still extremely grim.

5. Minority Report: Lots Of Very Upset Would-Be Murderers, Or Unstable People, Are Loose

Minority Report is a Tom Cruise sci-fi action flick set in a future where special psychics lie in weird floating tank things, and predict crimes before they actually happen. This pre-crime unit that Tom Cruise works in allows them to keep criminals off the street before they can actually become criminals. However, Cruise soon learns that there is something wrong with the entire system when it predicts he will commit murder, and he soon goes on a quest to get to the bottom of everything.

At the end of Minority Report, it is proven that the psychics can only see possible futures, and cannot predict with certainty who is going to do what. This puts a huge kink in the whole “predicted murder” thing and suddenly a veritable army of formerly convicted people are out on the streets, free to do whatever they want. Now, all of them were technically innocent, but many of them literally were stopped just short of actually killing someone. And some of them almost certainly were going to be killers.

If that weren’t bad enough, many of them are probably now very angry and holding quite a bit of a grudge against the world in general for wrongfully imprisoning them for so long. Unfortunately, that huge prisoner release may soon be followed by a massive violent crime wave — a very real one this time. Of course, if you thought that was depressing, some fans are convinced that the happy ending was all just a dream, and that everything after Cruise goes into the weird coma prison tube thing is just him imagining things. And yes, “weird coma prison tube thing” is, in fact, the technical term. 

4. After Jurassic World, Zach And Gray (Probably) Both Have PTSD, And Their Parents Will Likely Still Split

In Jurassic World, we mostly follow two story arcs: the arc following Christ Pratt’s character and the female CEO of the park, Claire (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), and the arc following Claire’s two young nephews, Zach and Gray. These two boys are here on a fun vacation and supposed to spend time with their aunt, but soon end up spending time with each other via a chaperone, quickly showing the dysfunctionality of their family unit. Later on in the plot, Gray reveals that his parents hired divorce lawyers, and his older brother tries to cheer him up. This entire part of the story is not really talked about again, and seems like it was left without any real resolution.

At the end of the movie, we don’t have any reason to believe that Gray and Zach’s parents have changed their minds in any significant way. Gray and Zach went through a bonding adventure and became closer to each other and to their aunt, but their parents are no closer than they were before. On top of that, both kids witnessed people eaten by ravenous dinosaurs, were nearly devoured themselves, and only barely made it out with their lives intact. Both boys are likely to have serious PTSD, and still will have to deal with the fact that their parents are soon going to be divorced.

3. Inception: Even If Cobb Is Not Stuck In A Dream, His Life Is Still A Total Mess

Inception is one of the most well known and memeable sci-fi movies from the last decade or so. Nearly everyone watched it, and we were all fascinated by the idea of sneaking into someone’s dreams to steal their secrets, as well as the crazy way they fought their way through dreams within dreams. The setting was entirely original and gave us a new world of sci-fi and fantasy most of us never imagined. However, while the movie was incredibly fascinating and intriguing, it also left us with a less than satisfying ending. The truth is that Cobb is hardly in much better of a position than he was before the movie started.

When Cobb finally goes home, he is told that his rich Japanese benefactor will get him through Customs; however, going through Customs doesn’t mean he has any kind of blanket pardon. He may still have some questions to answer, or have to sneak around. Not only that, but he may still have Cobol on his back, if they can ever find where he went, which means he will likely have to pull his children out of school and upend their lives in order to evade the law. Even if his wife’s death was lowkey enough that he wasn’t on the news for it, and his employer really did get him a full pardon, he is still incredibly psychologically damaged, and trying to take care of children that hardly know him. On top of that, he essentially has to retire from the only job he ever really knew, so there is also the question of what Cobb will do for work. For his part, Christopher Nolan deliberately left all of this vague because he wanted you to decide the ending yourself. 

2. The Avengers: No One In The United States Would Ever Trust Their Government Again

At the end of The Avengers, Loki uses the Tesseract to open up a portal that brings in the Chitauri army, hell bent on conquering earth and taking it entirely for their own species. They are brought in right over New York, and start smashing into office buildings and wantonly killing civilians, presumably for fun. Now, because it is an action movie meant for fun, we won’t go too far into wondering why Loki didn’t attack military installations or somewhere like Washington DC if he wanted to take out civilians, but there are some important questions to answer here.

The biggest issue is that the powers that be in the government made a decision to completely give up on New York and just nuke the entire thing.This is an absurd decision, as there is still a portal open and we do not have the intelligence as to whether there could be many more still pouring out of that portal. (Did they learn nothing from Independence Day?) The government chooses to wipe out millions of civilian lives in the hope that it would contain a threat — with no guarantee. The sad aftereffect of this is that no American citizen would ever trust the government again; in real life it may have even created unrest or animosity, and possibly a huge change in our current government makeup. To play so fast and loose with the lives of millions of civilians, and make such a stupid snap judgment, is something that would reverberate throughout the globe for the rest of history, even after Iron Man’s incredible last second save.    

1. 2012: The Remaining Members Of Society Are Some Of The Most Useless

In the movie 2012, we are treated to an incredibly cartoony and insane spectacle wherein the entire Earth is pretty much upended. The Mayan predictions come true and it turns out some kind of magnetic force from the sun is going to shift the Earth’s poles, realign everything, and kill billions of people. The elite of the globe figure this out ahead of time, and secretly hide it from the masses. They create huge Arks — special ships that can survive the coming apocalypse and repopulate the globe. They try to get huge swathes of art and knowledge to bring onboard, but when it comes to people, tickets are only known of and available for purchase to the most wealthy people imaginable.

This, along with a few random people who manage to be close to the Arks as they are closing, make it onboard and survive the coming apocalypse. Now, the Earth is faced with the need to repopulate all the lost people, but they are in a bit of a bind. There is going to be a lot of hard, hands-on work to do in order to rebuild humanity and the Earth, but those are not the kind of people onboard (kind of like the situation in Wall-E). Most of the people on the Arks are incredibly wealthy people who never worked a day in their lives, dealt mostly with top level administrating, and never had to do any tough manual labor. To make matters worse, the remainder of Earth’s population are some of the most arrogant people alive, who all think they should be in charge. Unfortunately, it looks like the leaders in 2012 didn’t think things through very well, and may find it difficult to properly rebuild humanity. Perhaps if they had thought things through they would have brought a few more tradesmen on board.

10 Alternate Histories That Could Have Happened

In chaos theory, one small event in the universe can trigger a series of events that changed history forever. This is also called “the butterfly effect.” As you’ll in this list, one single event truly can change the course of humanity. These 10 “what if” questions will leave you pondering alternate histories that very nearly became a reality.

10. What if The Axis Powers Won World War II?

The Man in the High Castle is a TV series based on the novel by Philip K. Dick. It plays out this what-if scenario of what the United States would look like if it lost the war. Japan controls the West Coast, with the Nazi party is in the East.

There are a few key events in real life that lead to the Allied victory at the end of World War II, like Russia’s victory at the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of the Bulge on the Western Front, and America dropping nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, the single event that Philip K. Dick attributes to this alternate reality was the assassination attempt on Franklin Roosevelt’s life on February 15, 1933 in Miami, Florida.

In his alternate universe, FDR actually dies, and that is what sets off the chain of events. He believes that without Roosevelt’s strong leadership to bring America out of the Great Depression, they never would have been as powerful as they are today, and they would have been little help to the Allied effort.

9. What if the Vikings Colonized America?

In the United States, there is a misconception that Christopher Columbus discovered North America. In reality, the Vikings – namely, Leif Erikson – discovered Canada in the 10th century. The Vikings called this land “Vinland,” or “Wine Land” in English. According to stories, Erikson and his men brought back a second boat that was overflowing with grapes. Since the Vikings loved drinking and pillaging, it only made sense that they began a colony in Vinland.

In reality, the colony of Vinland didn’t last. Despite the fact that they knew of Vinland’s existence, Vikings didn’t have the technology to navigate on the open sea. Today, the colony is all but a distant memory. Modern-day archeologists are still finding artifacts from the Vikings in Canada. Keep in mind this was all happening hundreds of years before Columbus was even born. So if the original settlers had somehow managed to survive in Vinland, there would have been trade happening between the Norse colonies and Canada. The Danes would have had most of the control over North America, and the world’s most powerful countries would look very different today.

8. What if the United States Won the War of 1812?

In 1812, American President James Madison decided to invade Canada, in order to assert his dominance against Great Britain, and get revenge for the sailors who had been commandeered for the Royal Navy in their war with France. He assumed that Canadians would also want to rid themselves of the crown’s stronghold over their nation, as well. So, he thought that if he invaded, Canada would accept America with open arms, and they would join together against Great Britain. This is known as the War of 1812, or Mr. Madison’s War.

There were a few different battles that took place on the Great Lakes, where the United States actually won. However, British troops fighting out of Canada would ultimately burn down the White House in 1814. Eventually, the two sides decided to stop the fighting, and the United States signed a peace treaty with Great Britain. So the true “winner” is debatable.

But what would have happened if the US actually flat-out won that war? Canada would have been annexed by the United States, and opportunities for trade, farming, and commerce would have exploded. Considering that Canada and Great Britain abolished slavery long before the United States, it has been theorized that if the two nations combined, the American Civil War may have never happened.

7. What if the South won the American Civil War?

In the 1800s, Southern states formed the Confederacy, and seceded from the United States in an attempt to form their own country. In reality, the Confederacy had the upper hand with their military leadership, and one of the major reasons why they lost the war was due to the mistake of just one lowly messenger. In September 1862, Confederate Robert E. Lee sent Order Number 191 with his step-by-step plans. It was intercepted by Union soldiers, who were able to use it against him. This was such a close call that many historians can’t help but wonder if the war would have turned out differently if it wasn’t for the lost order.

An alternate history author named Harry Turtledove has written several novels with his own alternate universe of what North America would look like if the Confederacy had won. He believes that they would have purchased Cuba, since that was on the list of what they actually had planned. The United States would never have been able to afford annexing Hawaii and Alaska, and the two sides would be far weaker as separate nations. Turtledove writes that there would have most likely been a second war between the two American nations, because the tension would never have gone away.

6. What if Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated Before He Became President?

If you were paying attention in history class, you probably already knew that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth while attending a play in 1865. You may not know that during his lifetime, Lincoln received thousands of death threats.

In 1861, when he had just been elected into office, Lincoln’s bodyguards let him know about a group of assassins waiting for him in Baltimore who planned to kill him on his way to his inaugural address at the White House. In order to avoid this plot, Lincoln snuck through the city the night before, and arrived safely to his new home.

Some historians say that Lincoln was so unpopular with the Southern states that if he had been killed, they may have never felt the need to secede from the Union, and there would never have been a Civil War. On the other hand, many credit Lincoln for abolishing slavery in the United States, which happened at the end of the war. If he was killed before becoming president, the US would most likely be a very different place.

5. What if the Asteroid Hit the Earth in 2017?

On July 23, 2017 an asteroid was spotted in a telescope that was coming dangerously close to colliding with Earth. The most frightening part of the discovery was that it had already passed its closest point to the Earth three days earlier… meaning that if a deadly asteroid was about to hit our planet, we probably wouldn’t have any warning whatsoever.

The asteroid, which has been given the nickname “2017 001” was just 123,031 kilometers away from the Earth. That sounds like it’s very far away, but it was actually closer to the planet than the Moon, which is 384,400 kilometers away.

So… what would have happened if Asteroid 2017 001 actually hit the Earth? To give you some perspective, The Huffington Post compared it to the size of a meteorite called Chelyabinsk, which hit in 2013. It fell into a frozen lake in Russia, and still managed to kill 1,100 people. Asteroid 2017 001 was about three times the size of Chelyabinsk. It wouldn’t have exactly been Armageddon, but it would have potentially killed thousands of people, especially if it hit a major city.

4. What if Dinosaurs Never Became Extinct?

The extinction of the dinosaurs happened very quickly, and without warning. There is evidence of a 9-mile wide asteroid hitting the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was big enough to wipe 75% of life off of the face of the Earth. This gave smaller creatures, like mammals and flying dinosaurs, a chance to survive and evolve into modern-day birds and other animals.

According to the BBC, if the asteroid had hit mere seconds sooner or later, it may have landed in the ocean, which would have absorbed some of the damage. Or, it could have had a near-miss, like the “2017 001” asteroid that we just mentioned.

What if dinosaurs never died? Most likely, human beings would never have had the chance to evolve at all. Others say that dinosaurs would have died anyway, since the Ice Age was coming. A paleontologist from Stockton University named Matt Bonnan believes that if dinosaurs had survived, it would be more likely that smaller herbivore dinosaurs could have survived, along with other mammals who could eat fruit and vegetation.

3. What if JFK Was Never Assassinated?

The JFK assassination has more conspiracy theories than nearly any other event in US history. Before he died, John F. Kennedy had plans to do so many things with his presidency, but the single most important difference he would have made was with the Vietnam War.

Historians claim that Kennedy did not always take the advice of his military advisors, and leaned towards peaceful negotiations. He had even planned to remove American troops from Vietnam, before the conflict escalated any further. His successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, was the one who chose to go to war. If America had never gone to war, it would have spared thousands of lives that were lost in what many felt was a completely unnecessary war, and a stain on America’s history. The hippie movement and the distrust in the American government may have never been as strong as it was, either.

2. What if the Soviet Union Invaded Japan?

After World War II, the United States occupied Japan and forced the Emperor Hirohito out of power. After that, Japan eventually regained its independence from America, but they were clearly influenced by Western culture. On Christmas in Japan (where only a small percentage of the population is even Christian), it’s tradition to eat KFC’s fried chicken. So you can only imagine how different Japan would be if the Soviet Union had occupied them, instead.

Believe it or not, this almost happened. After World War II was over, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan again in 1945, and invaded the Japanese territory of Manchuria with over a million soldiers. If the Soviet Union had also invaded mainland Japan, there is no telling what would have happened. Some speculate that Communism would have spread throughout the country, or at the very least divided it, just like it did with Korea in 1945. If all – or even half – of Japan had become a Communist country, anime (which truly emerged as we know it in the 1960s) may have never been perfected, and that would be a true tragedy.

1. What if the Ancient Britons Survived?.

Stonehenge is one of the great mysteries of the United Kingdom. Through carbon dating, we now know that it was built by ancient people as far back as 4200 BC. There are still many questions about how they could move heavy rocks weighing several tons using stone-aged technology. One of the many reasons why no one has passed down this knowledge is because 4,500 years ago, 90% of the native population in England was wiped off the face of the Earth.

Historians theorize that the reason why these original people disappeared was due to a generally declining population from colder climates. There is a possibility that many were wiped out from a plague. The Beaker people replaced this native population, and whoever was left from the remaining 10% of survivors was absorbed by the Beakers through marriage and general integration. So… how would the world be different if the ancient native people had lived?

Most likely, these original people might have had advanced technology compared to the Beakers. Besides Stonehenge, the pre-Beaker people were responsible for more ancient wonders, like the man-made Silbury Hill, and the ancient ruins in Scotland. The one thing all three of these ancient landmarks have in common is that modern-day researchers still cannot figure out why they were made, but we do know that their ancient technology is, unfortunately, lost forever.

10 Outrageous Conspiracy Theories Believed by the Far Right Wing

In recent years, with the explosion of social media, politics have often devolved into one side demonizing the other, whether it be the left or the right. This includes the proliferation of conspiracy theories, including numerous spread by the most extreme on the right wing. In many cases, the statistics and accounts used to delegitimize their opponents are outright false, and in more dangerous instances, conspiracy theories were developed in order to promote fear and depict an enemy that was willing and capable of doing anything to infringe on our liberties.

Yet the tactic has proved to be strangely effective, particularly when you consider how seldom people read beyond the big, bold headlines on places like Facebook or Twitter. These are some of the more outrageous conspiracy theories that have been spread by the Alex Jones-types of the world.

10. Obama’s Birth Certificate

In hindsight, Barack Obama’s ability to keep a level head while questions were being raised about his legitimacy is pretty impressive. It’s hard to figure out exactly how Obama’s eligibility to serve as president garnered so much attention that he was forced to release his birth certificate. It seemed to begin with the general hope to disqualify him from the race. Initially, in 2004 a rumor circulated that Obama was secretly a Muslim and that he was educated in a “madrassa” in Indonesia that had indoctrinated him in the faith. When that story failed to keep hold, the conspiracy pivoted to his place of birth. It’s not that the conspiracy that Obama was a Muslim was ineffective –  two-thirds of Trump voters still believe it to be true – it’s that the notion wasn’t enough to keep him from the White House.

Delegitimizing his candidacy was then one of the most effective ways to keep vast sections of the voting populace against him and energizing them at the polls. One of the biggest proponents of the birther movement was, as you certainly know, Donald Trump. Some argue that his promotion and support of the conspiracy led to his massive support from mainstream Republicans. Trump tweeted about Obama’s birth certificate countless times, and even went so far as to further the conspiracy after the Hawaiian bureaucrat who released Obama’s birth certificate died in a plane crash. Trump tweeted: “How amazing. … All others lived”

9. Sandy Hook Shooting

On December 14, 2012, a shooter entered the Sandy Hook Elementary school and killed 20 young children around the age of six, and six adult staff members. It was, and still may be, one of the most horrifying mass shootings in American history because of the killer’s victims. It was the only time Obama accounts that he witnessed seeing a Secret Service member cry. The brutality and the shooter’s ability to attack such victims, despite his mental health concerns, led to renewed gun control debate, and the Obama administration took several actions to curb the ability to obtain firearms. This immediately led to the proliferation of conspiracy theories that continue to this day.

Len Pozner, the father of one of the children killed, has chronicled his family’s abuse at the hands of conspiracy theorists. He’s revealed getting voicemails, and abuse online from those claiming that the shooting was staged. That their children aren’t really dead. Some on the right, like Alex Jones, have even suggested that the parents were acting. The Pozner family’s abuse has even included a Tampa Bay woman who left a voicemail stating, You gonna die, death is coming you real soon… death is coming to you real soon and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

8. Parkland High School Shooting

Some of the same devices and tools from the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories have been used to construct the conspiracy narrative for the Stoneman Douglas shooting. The term “crisis actor” was seemingly generated overnight to depict the roles that the students have taken up in demanding a solution to gun violence. Students like David Hogg have been labeled as “actors” with videos seemingly attempting to expose them for “messing up their lines” or demonstrating behavior deemed inauthentic.

This is similar to the treatment of parents of Sandy Hook victims, who were perceived as pretending to be sad. Time after time, the most extreme online theorists on the right (again, like Jones and his website and YouTube channel InfoWars) have profited by generating conspiracy theories that make their listeners believe that their way of life is under attack. It’s a tactic that’s unlikely to change as the country continues to become more divided.

7. Seth Rich

One of the biggest conspiracy theories during the Presidential election was the murder of Seth Rich. An employee of the DNC, Rich was fatally shot in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington DC. WikiLeaks was out in full force releasing hacked documents from the DNC, and many (at the time) suggested that the hackers were Russian operatives. Seth Rich became a useful tool.

Even cable news anchors like Sean Hannity began suggesting that Seth Rich was a whistleblower who was murdered for “exposing the secrets of the Clinton criminal network.” WikiLeaks only fanned the flames, offering a reward for anyone who could provide information on Rich’s murder. It’s now clear that the Seth Rich conspiracy was created to deflect attention from Russian hackers infiltrating the DNC.

6. Las Vegas Shooting

In 2017, a gunman opened fire on concert goers from his hotel window in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring 851. It was the single deadliest mass shooting in American history. Unlike many of the other mass shootings that have occurred in the United States, the gunman didn’t appear to have a motive, or have apparent mental health issues which would prompt such a vicious outbreak. This led to many forming their own conclusions as to his motive.

As the gun control debate raged on, right wing conspiracy theorists attempted to link the gunman to the Islamic State. The conspiracy theory was given more life by US congressman Scott Perry, who on the Tucker Carlson show stated, “I smell a rat like a lot of Americans… Nothing’s adding up. I’ve been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence, credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident.”

5. Vincent Foster Suicide

The “OG” of right wing conspiracy theories, the Vincent Foster suicide foreshadowed the current political climate.  Deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park just outside Washington DC in 1993. To fully understand the reason for Foster’s suicide becoming a political firestorm, it’s important to know that three months before Foster’s suicide was the Waco siege. Right wing outlets seized on it as “government intervention,” portraying the Clinton administration as threatening the rights for Christian Americans.

With the Clintons rolling out their healthcare plan, called “HillaryCare” by opponents in 1993, it’s not surprising that Vince Foster’s suicide that same year was used to denigrate the administration. The suicide led to six investigations, with many on the right convinced that it would uncover a conspiracy of murder and deceit that led up to Oval Office. No links or evidence was found. Investigators found that Foster killed himself because he was depressed and had told friends and colleagues that he couldn’t stand resigning in defeat, and returning to Arkansas. Although the Foster suicide wouldn’t lead to the downfall of the Clinton administration, eventually they would chase the right lead, finding the dress that would lead to votes for impeachment (though that still didn’t end the administration, considering Bill Clinton served out his full second term as president).

4. Agenda 21

Another right wing conspiracy theory around that same time was the fear that the United Nations was leading a global conspiracy that could threaten the United States. Starting in 1996, the Republican Party platform alluded to the dangers of the UN. In 2004, not long after US troops went into Iraq, the 2004 platform warned that  “American troops must never serve under United Nations command.”

Changes to the GOP platform based on conspiracy theories would continue. The 2016 GOP platform called for a constitutional amendment to protect homeschooling “from interference by states, the federal government, or … the United Nations.” Right wing conspiracy theorists eventually found a program that they could argue was making headways in the US: Agenda 21.

More than two decades ago, the UN held an Earth Summit which focused on the environment, especially CO2 emissions. It adopted a voluntary blueprint called Agenda 21. It wasn’t talked about for nearly a decade until Obama entered office. When the Obama administration created the White House Rural Council to promote economic development, “a Fox News anchor warned that it was ‘eerily similar to a UN plan called Agenda 21, where a centralized planning agency would be responsible for oversight into all areas of our lives. A one-world order’.”

Newt Gingrich was met with applause during the 2012 presidential campaign when he mentioned the topic during a debate and, of course, Glenn Beck release a book titled Agenda 21 during the same period. The scariest part of this conspiracy is that a dozen Republican majority state legislatures actually passed resolutions against Agenda 21.

3. Antonin Scalia’s death

As Obama’s presidency came to a close, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at the age of 79. The constitution gives the president the right to fill the bench, and many on the right believed that Obama may have had something to do with Scalia’s death. Some theories went so far as to accuse Obama as arranging a hit on Scalia in order to remake the court in his image.

President Obama would do his constitutional duty and nominate Merrick Garland for the bench, but Republicans refused to give him a hearing. They left the seat vacant until the Trump presidency, leading to the appointment of conservative Neil Gorsuch. It’s clear that whether or not mainstream Republicans embrace conspiracy theories themselves, it’s certainly helped the party.

2. Illegal Aliens Voting in Elections

After Donald Trump won the presidency, he was quick to blame illegal aliens for his losing the popular vote. Trump tweeted out that he won the popular vote too, “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” The Trump administration even created a commission for “voter integrity” where they attempted to gain access to voter files from each state. This effort was rebuffed, as most States refused to share their data with the commission.

Although there is no evidence to support voter fraud, right wing websites like InfoWars, the New American, and Freedom Daily promoted and furthered this claim. After losing the special election in Alabama, Roy Moore cited voter fraud as the reason for his defeat, and refused to concede the race. It’s a tactic that will surely continue to be used in the future.

1. Russia Investigation

To finish our list, we had to throw in the biggest conspiracy of them all: the Russia Investigation. Somehow, the right wing establishment, which is fearful of the UN, fearful of losing their guns, fearful of losing their Christian way of life, aren’t fearful of Russian hackers.

Virtually no one on the right (outside of a few people like John McCain) even acknowledges the possibility that the Trump campaign may have conspired with the Russian government. It’s not possible. Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, has stated he needs more information, because he’s cool with saying 6-year-olds weren’t brutally murdered at Sandy Hook with zero evidence, but actual links between Russia and many in Trump’s administration is murky at best, as far as he’s concerned. You can bet that if Robert Mueller and his team ends up proving that there was collusion, it’ll be the biggest conspiracy in American history.

10 Awful Real World Consequences Caused by Rabid Superfans

Back in the day, it used to be harder to be a big fan of anything that wasn’t sports, or something similar, as people would make fun of you for being a geek. Today, it is quite accepted to be incredibly obsessive about almost any facet of popular culture, even if liking it or being into it doesn’t actually require any knowledge, practice, or constitute an actual hobby with interactive activities.

Unfortunately, while this is nice for people who were once mocked, it has also emboldened a lot of people to “flaunt their fanboy” in ways that cause trouble for society around them, and make the other fans of that particular bit of pop culture look rather bad.

10. Jake Lloyd’s Life Was Ruined By Angry Star Wars Fans

Jake Lloyd is well known for being the guy who played little Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, all the way back in 1999. Many people, nearly two decades later, have wondered what happened to the kid who caused so much unintentional controversy. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that Lloyd was bullied so badly over his role in Star Wars that he came to the conclusion it ruined his life. He threw out everything he owned related to Star Wars, and refuses to watch any of the movies anymore.

Apparently, kids are just the worst, and would not let up on him at all. People constantly made lightsaber noises and other jokes whenever he was around, and he simply couldn’t live a normal life at school — not to mention at one point he claims to have been doing about 60 interviews a day. While Lloyd mostly blames George Lucas for his story and direction, the real blame here are all the adult Star Wars fans who bullied him online, and convinced all the children that he had done an awful job and dragged the movie down. Lucas just made a story, and Lloyd did the best he could to act out the role that he had been chosen for. There is never any excuse to bully a child, and those who ruined Jake Lloyd’s career cannot blame the film’s creator as a defense for their behavior.  

9. Game Of Thrones Fans, Obsessed With Direwolves, Have Created Abandoned Husky Problem

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular things in pop culture right now, period. Most people have watched it, and even those that haven’t know more about it than they would probably like, and most assuredly have a strong opinion on the series all the same. Unfortunately, like any fandom, people almost immediately started taking things too far. One of the most beloved bits of popular culture in the show are giant beasts called direwolves, which look a lot like large huskies.

These beasts are often used as a combination of pet and guard dog in the series, and as such, many fans have decided that they, too, want their very own direwolf. The problem is that the nearest thing in real life is a husky or other similar breed, and these dogs are both large and require a lot of space and attention. Many people get a husky in order to have their own direwolf, and then abandon it at a shelter when they realize that the responsibility was too great for them.

Pets are not just a novelty, but something you are supposed to keep for the life of the pet. Some shelters in the UK even saw the amount of husky breeds abandoned doubled in a couple years, as the show started to become more popular. The good news is that recent educational campaigns to convince people not to buy a dog they cannot take care of appear to be having effect, as the the amount of abandoned huskies is slowly dropping back down to more regular levels.

8. The Beatles Stopped Touring Because The Non-Stop Screaming From Fans Was Unbearable

Some people wonder why the Beatles decided it was time to call it quits and stop touring around, selling out venue after venue. After all, they were on top of the world, were always surrounded by screaming fans, and never had to worry about their popularity. However, as musicians of integrity and people who just plain get tired over time, the entire thing was starting to tax them. When the Beatles started out, they could play smaller venues, which allowed them to get really good sound quality and focus on their live playing.

However, as they became wildly successful, the Beatles now had a serious problem. They had to book bigger and bigger venues, which usually meant sports stadiums. Back in their day, this meant horrible sound quality, and the crowd hearing a lot of it poorly filtered through the PA system. To make matters worse, their own amplifiers were not strong enough to make themselves heard over the screaming crowd, so much so that they could not even properly keep time with each other. In the end, they decided that their concerts had become fan screaming zones, and that the fans were not even there to listen to the music anymore, but just to obsess over the band itself and see them in person.

7. Adult My Little Pony Fans Made Things Awkward When A MLP Movie Came Out In Theaters

Nearly everyone has heard of the phenomenon surrounding the so called “bronies.” For the few who are not aware, bronies are male My Little Pony fans who will loudly proclaim their fandom and bring it up even when there is no need to at all — kind of like vegans or people who do CrossFit. These fans usually skew toward the adult side, and have often been looked at by outsiders with a level of contempt that even furries don’t usually have to contend with. Now, some of this is with good reason. While there are those who claim to simply like the show because it is cute, and they want to get in touch with their “cute” side, there are some people who simply make it weird.

These fans tend to be those who actually find a sexual component to their love of MLP, and will draw or seek erotic fanart and fanfiction. These men are usually very full grown adults, and some people feel that there is almost a pedophiliac element to some of the creepier adult male fans of MLP. For this reason, when a MLP movie came out not that long ago, many people were extremely concerned about how weird MLP fans might make it for children, who wouldn’t understand why a bunch of grown men were at a movie for little girls. Many movie theaters even offered special showings much later at night, in the hopes it would attract the bronies away from the earlier showings, so parents wouldn’t have to answer awkward questions from their little girls.  

6. New Beanie Baby Releases Were Almost Always Messy

For those too young to remember, Beanie Babies were a craze during the ’90s that the adults seemed to get way more into than the kids. The creator of the toys deliberately designed them with limited availability in order to make different ones collectors items, and create a false sense of rarity even though they were mass produced toys and there was nothing particularly special, expensive, or high-quality about them. People fell for the same psychological trick so many sellers of various goods have used in the past, and one of the most insane fads ever kicked off with a bang.

Unfortunately, it was more than just a mostly harmless fad like fidgets spinners. While the fidget spinner fad may have annoyed people, there was no worry about availability or patents — every company was selling them with whatever branding or designs they wanted. But with such limited amounts available, anytime new Beanie Babies were coming to a store, it became an event and people would line up outside and behave horribly to each other. People were sometimes injured or trampled by the crowd — usually children — and United States customs had to start specially looking out for Beanie Baby smuggling. The release of a new Beanie Baby nearly always showed some of the worst of humanity.

5. Rick And Morty Fans “Ironically” Camp Out And “Ironically” Protest For Szechuan Sauce

Rick And Morty has gained an enormous cult following, and its fans are a loud and rather expressive bunch. On one episode of the show, one of the characters makes a big deal about a limited time promo sauce from McDonald’s called Szechuan sauce — obviously it’s really one of the show’s creators speaking through the character here. This quickly became a meme even though most of the fans likely either didn’t remember the sauce, never knew about it before, or had forgotten about it. It’s not like there were petitions for it before the show.  

Unfortunately, McDonald’s thought they would actually try to show goodwill to these fans, and released it for just one day, as it had just been a promo originally and they really didn’t expect it to be all that popular. Sadly, McDonald’s simply couldn’t have predicted how many people would show up at each location, or just how crazy internet fandoms can be in real life. People camped out for it, simply because it was designed to cater to the show. When it turned out that most locations didn’t have enough, people went nuts.

They crowded into the stores, some people jumped the counters trying to steal sauce, they disrupted business, and loudly protested outside that “they wanted sauce” even though the employees obviously had no control over how much was delivered there. Throughout all of this bratty, childish behavior, they tried to claim that their unruly near mini-riots were just being “ironic” and that McDonald’s was really to blame for not stocking enough. The fact of the matter is that acting like children over some sauce for chicken nuggets is simply never acceptable and it isn’t ironic when you actually cause public disruptions or camp out for a sauce. It’s just idiotic.

4. One Direction Fans Start A Small Riot Over A One Direction Movie

One Direction is the latest teen boy band that all the teenage and preteen girls have swooned, screamed, and rioted over. A few years ago One Direction released a movie called This Is Us, a documentary feature about the boy band and their meteoric rise to the top of the teeny bopper food chain. The premiere was to be held in Los Angeles, and in order to be fair, since there were only a limited number of tickets, you had to go through a sort of lottery system to see who would be allowed to have tickets. This was generally a good idea to prevent scalpers.

However, the problem was that they didn’t properly estimate the ticket count. The company that was in charge of giving away the tickets gave away hundreds more tickets than there were actual seats in the theater. Many people lined up the night before, and those behind in line were still optimistic that their ticket might work and they might be able to go in to see the movie. Well, the time came to let people in and about 100 people were let through, with the rest waiting outside. This angered the young preteens lined up to see the movie, and hundreds of them rushed into the theater, knocking things over in their way and generally making a big, screaming mess of everything. Eventually police managed to properly calm people down and disperse the crowd, and the showing finally began for those lucky few allowed into the theater.

3. Harry Potter Fans Buy Owls And Then Abandon Them En Masse

Harry Potter fans are generally known for being one of the more well behaved fandoms. Despite lining up outside to buy limited amounts of books, you don’t really hear about Harry Potter fans beating each other with fake wands while trying to get a copy of J.K. Rowling’s latest novel. In fact, most of the time they float under the radar as an obsessive, but utterly innocent fandom. However, while Harry Potter fans aren’t necessarily malicious, there are things they have done that were definitely negligent, irresponsible, and caused unnecessary suffering in the world.

When Harry Potter started to become popular, kids started asking their parents to buy them an owl as a pet, and Rowling herself immediately sounded the alarm. She told fans not to buy an owl, but to get a better pet, or donate to causes that help owls instead. She explained that they do not make good pets and generally require a ton of upkeep and space — ideally they should have an aviary that is at least 20 feet square. Unfortunately, most people were doing a poor job of taking care of these difficult animals, and as Harry Potter’s popularity waned a bit, they started abandoning them en masse. According to a woman in the UK who runs a sanctuary for owls, she had originally had about 5-to-6 per year. After Harry Potter fever started to die down, she went to over 100 owls being taken care of in her sanctuary in just one year.

2. Juggalos Started A Riot Against Tila Tequila And Got Put On The FBI’s List As A Gang

Pretty much no one remembers or cares about Tila Tequila — she was a reality TV star who briefly flirted with a largely unsuccessful music career. Oh, and she’s maybe kind of a Nazi? Huh. Weird. Anyway, while she was never really a very respected figure in terms of celebrities, and often widely mocked, the behavior displayed towards her at the annual gathering of the Juggalos one year was absolutely unacceptable (remember, this is before all the Nazi stuff). She had been invited to perform at the event, in a move that left a lot of the world and most of the Juggalos very confused. She is hardly the type of artist who would be of interest to fans of “horrorcore,” so it seemed like an odd choice. One explanation is man’s desire to get laid, as at one point, Shaggy 2 Dope tried to get the crowd to be kind to Tequila’s future performance, by explaining that he wanted to have sex with her.

Unfortunately, Shaggy 2 Dope’s desire to get laid backfired rather tremendously, because things went about as well as you can expect. An artist with no real understanding of the genre (Tequila) shows up on stage to perform at a music festival full of drunk people, and the crowd immediately hated her. The crowd threw whatever they could, and jeered her incessentally. Rumors say actual human feces and plastic water bottles full of urine were thrown at her, and at one point the crowd started yelling at her to show her breasts.

Perhaps thinking it would make them calmer or make them like her, she did take her top off, but that seemed to only make them angrier, as if they just wanted to be mad. When she left the stage, she was followed to her trailer, where her windows were smashed up before she was able to make her escape. She later attempted to sue to shut down future gatherings of the Juggalos, although she does not seem to have been successful. While the Juggalos tried to defend their behavior, they have been classified as a gang by the FBI in later years for various different antics including that situation, and the band’s attempts to fight it in court have, thus far, totally failed.

1. Chris Brown Fans Have Gone To Great Lengths To Defend A Domestic Abuser

Chris Brown is known by most people for that time he beat up his then-girlfriend Rihanna. The world was very very angry with him, he gave a rather forced public apology, and managed to get away without any jail-time. Chris Brown, for his part, felt that the whole thing should have blown over after he apologized and took his “punishment,” but many people felt that he still deserved a lot of grief for his actions. Plenty of folks felt that his apology was not particularly sincere, and that his behavior didn’t really seem to show any positive change or improvement. For this reason, some people in the past have taken to razzing him on Twitter pretty hardcore.

Well, a few years back a comedian named Jenny Johnson decided to call out Brown on Twitter, and he decided to take the time to get into a personal tussle with a random woman he had never met before. After an incredibly vulgar exchange that made him look very bad, he eventually temporarily locked his Twitter account so no one could see his shame. However, not to be outdone by the horribleness of their favorite celebrity, his fans went absolutely nuts. They went after Johnson, excoriating her on Twitter and even going so far as making death threats as revenge for her making fun of Brown. These fans, knowns as breezies, have also been known to defend Brown and stick up for him, doing whatever they can to justify his actions, whenever his violent past is brought up — to them, he can do nothing wrong.

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World

It is a very old saying that man and woman are equal but actually if we look at the history, we will find the harsh reality of the condition of the woman in the society. A woman has always been mistreated, humiliated and insulted in many instances but facing all those brutal treatments, she has stood at apex position around the globe in various fields.For many centuries, the rights of the woman are the main issue of the discussion in several countries of the world. Let us talk about the IQ level.

Generally, it is the myth that man is more knowledgeable and talented than a woman but holds on guys, the women too have stepped in this prestigious category. There are some of most intelligent women in the world who have world records in having the highest IQ level. We have listed out Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World.

10 Fabiola Mann

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Fabiola Mann — Photo via harrowtimes.co.uk

She is just 17 and guesses, what is her IQ score? It is 162 which are more than even some of the greatest scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Fabiola Mann is a school going teenager from London who studies in Northwood College School for Girls.

She has a belt in karate and her interests include music and playing the piano. Fabiola Mann is good both in studies as well as in sports such as chess. She has plans for further studying in the medical field after finishing her schooling.

9 Olivia Manning

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Olivia Manning — Photo via family.wikinut.com

The next on the list is again a teenager, Olivia Manning who has shocked the globe by her IQ level. She has scored even more than brilliant scientists in IQ. When the score was out in an IQ test, Olivia got 162 which is just outstanding performance. She loves to have challenges in her life. Olivia Manning is interested in knowing new things.

Due to her excellent score, Olivia Manning was chosen in Mensa. She studies in the North Liverpool Academy In Everton. At an age of just 12 years, Olivia Manning is one of the most intelligent persons of the world with powerful IQ level.

8 Judit Polgar

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Judit Polgar — Photo via happykids.hu

Judit Polgar is a chess master from Hungary. At a young age of 15 years, she earned the title of Grandmaster in chess. She broke the records by entering into FIDE Top 100 players’ list at a small age. Judit Polgar holds many other notable titles and accomplishments.

In the year 1993, she stood first in the chess tournaments held Hastings. Judit has played against many chess masters such as Garry Kasparov and Vishwanathan Anand. She has IQ level of 170 which is just wow.

7 Grace Hopper

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Grace Hopper — Photo via digitaltrends.com

Grace Hopper was an intelligent computer scientist from the United States. She was the one who discovered first compiler related tools. She tried to join navy at the age of 34 years but was rejected. Later, she chose to compute as her career and worked on Harvard Mark I team where Howard H. Aiken was the leader.

Grace Hopper received the title of “Amazing Grace” because of her success and naval rank. She got total 40 honorary degrees from different universities of the globe. Grace Hopper died at the age of 92 years and she had IQ of score 175.

6 Ruth Lawrence

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Ruth Lawrence — Photo via tes.com

The next on the list is one of the most brilliant women, Ruth Lawrence. She is a mathematician and professor from England. She teaches mathematics at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Ruth Lawrence earned an O-level in mathematics at an early age of 9 years. Later, she got a Grade A at A-level pure mathematics.

She stood first among 530 students in mathematics entrance examination held at Oxford University. She has an IQ of 175 which is definitely higher than some of the most intelligent scientists of the world.

5 Germaine Stael

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Germaine Stael — Photo via bbc.co.uk

Germaine Stael was a knowledgeable French woman. She was involved in various political activities. She was a strong opponent of Napoleon. Her fictional works have much significance in European history. She started her career by opening a salon with some of her friends.

Germaine Stael had written many notable books on War and Peace and other issues. She had an amazing IQ of the score between 180 and 185. Her contribution to the history of Europe is large.

4 Marie Curie

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Marie Curie — Photo via biography.com

One of the most powerful and iconic figures in history, Marie Curie had an IQ of 185. She was a physicist and chemist from Poland. She was the first lady in the world to win Noble Prize. She made important research work on radioactivity and later, she made the theory of radioactivity.

Marie Curie founded the Curie Institutes in both Paris and Warsaw. She was the one who discovered mobile radiography units for giving X-ray services in hospitals. Marie Curie appeared on banknotes and stamps.

3 Marilyn Vos Savant

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Marilyn Vos Savant — Photo via parade.com

Famous for her intelligence, Marilyn Vos Savant has an extraordinary IQ level with a score of 190. She is a writer and magazine columnist. She has her own section of “Ask Marilyn” in a magazine where she solves various puzzles and gives answers to several questions.

Her name appeared in the Guinness Book Of World Records for her highest IQ level. When she was 10 years old, Marilyn took Stanford-Binet Second Revision test.

2 Hypatia

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Hypatia — Photo via Wikipedia

Hypatia was a philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer from Egypt. She taught philosophy and astronomy at Neoplatonic School. Some of her works include Euclid’s Elements and Ptolemy’s Almagest. She had written a commentary on Diophantus’s Arithmetica. Hypatia even made astrolabes and hydrometers. She had an excellent IQ above 190.

1 Edith Stern

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World
Edith Stern — Photo via ondmc.com

Edith Stern is on number 1 who has an IQ with a score above 200. When she was just one, she was able to speak full sentences and do calculations. She gained many degrees from various universities when she was just 18 years old. Edith Stern earned many awards for her engineering skills. She has above 128 US patents in her name.

Intelligence is a free gift but can earn millions and a truly intelligent person never stops learning at any stage.

Top 10 Women With Highest IQ In The World

1. Edith Stern

2. Hypatia

3. Marilyn Vos Savant

4. Marie Curie

5. Germaine Stael

6. Ruth Lawrence

7. Grace Hopper

8. Judit Polgar

9. Olivia Manning

10. Fabiola Mann